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Classification of fuse holders

2021-09-27 10:25:56


Fuse holders not only have many application fields, but also have more types than we think. It also has the following classification methods, which can be classified by some of its characteristics, and can also be classified from some other aspects:

1. According to the classification of the installed fuse, it can be divided into fuse holder and fuse holder

2. According to the size of the fuse, it can be divided into large fuse holders, medium fuse holders and small fuse holders

3. According to the material classification of the fuse holder, then it can be divided into plastic type fuse holder and bakelite type fuse holder

4. According to the environmental protection of the fuse holder, it can be divided into environmental protection fuse holder and non-environmental protection fuse holder

5. The last one is classified according to its installation method: it can be divided into lead type fuse box, circuit board type fuse holder and instrument panel mount fuse holderHongju Electronics keeps innovating technology-to create the world's best and most innovative products, and Hongju Switch's standardized and efficient services-to provide the most professional and efficient services, and strive to satisfy Hongju enterprises for customers; Integrity, service, quality, professionalism and innovation.




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