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Four indicators of waterproof rocker switch

2021-09-27 09:58:42


Waterproof rocker switch, as the name suggests, is a rocker switch that can be used in wet environments or can be operated with wet hands.

There are other names for the waterproof rocker switch, such as: wave switch, rocker switch, rocker switch, rocker switch, IO switch, power switch, because the rocker switch looks like a ship, so it is called so!


The copper parts in the rocker switch socket are the key components to ensure smooth current flow and reduce heat generation. High-quality electronic switching power supply sockets are all selected copper parts with excellent performance: oxidation resistance, strong resistance, thick copper sheets, and less riveting are the four major indicators of whether the socket copper parts are excellent or not.

1. Thick copper sheet can improve the current passing capacity and reduce the resistance of the copper part itself.

2. Strong endurance, especially the part applied to the socket socket, not easy to deform. Even if the socket is frequently plugged and unplugged for a long time, it can maintain a suitable clamping force to ensure that the socket and the plug are tightly connected to reduce the arc.

3. Anti-oxidation, no rust, reduce resistance increase and heat generation caused by rust.

4. Less riveting, preferably a one-piece copper part, to further weaken the situation of fracture caused by the interface and heating of the rivet. Now mainstream sockets use tin phosphor bronze as the copper material. The tin-phosphorus bronze alloy has a purple-red appearance, and its biggest feature is its very high fatigue strength, strong elasticity, and excellent corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. Even after long-term use, its appearance will not be oxidized and corroded, the insert sleeve will not be deformed, and the appropriate clamping force will always be maintained.

Consider the thickness of the copper parts. If the product cannot be disassembled for visual inspection, you can use the method of weighing the weight: the more copper parts are used, the heavier the weight of the socket. 

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