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Toggle switch type and classification

2021-09-27 09:56:09


Toggle switch is a manually controlled switch that can be used in circuits of several kilohertz or up to 1MHz. It has the characteristics of small size and is a commonly used switch in electronic equipment. A button switch is a micro switch similar to a dial switch.
Most toggle switches are widely used in the on-off control of AC and DC power circuits, and are rarely used in circuits of several kilohertz or up to 1 MHz. Let's talk in detail. The splash-proof spherical button handle button switch panel adopts an "O" sealing ring to prevent splashing. The button handle is spherical, so it is a splash-proof button handle button switch.

Toggle switch terminals are in-line plug-in type, and the bottom of the terminal is sealed with epoxy resin. Suitable for auto parts. The speed value specified in the manual test button switch is one of the necessary conditions for manual test. This difference may be due to the different speeds of the prisoners' manual operations. It is reasonable to use the moving speed of the manual operation panel as the driving speed of the mobile test. For the sake of unification, the range can also be shortened to 1 millisecond.

   Toggle switch is installed vertically. Right-angle button switch terminals are installed vertically and the terminal pins are at right angles, so it is a vertical installation of right-angle button switches. The contacts are made of gold-plated materials with high reliability. Mainly used in anti-theft equipment and alarm systems. The double-pole single-lever toggle switch, the toggle switch cuts off the phase line and the N line at the same time, and controls a branch circuit, so it is a double-pole single-lever toggle switch. The contacts are 3PDT type, mainly used for multimedia speakers and audio.

Standard non-threaded button switch, surface-mounted button switch terminal adopts standard installation form, and its casing has no thread, so it is called standard surface-mounted button switch without screw. The contacts are single-pole double-throw and are mainly used in medical equipment. Compared with the vertical switch, the horizontally installed right-angle toggle switch only changes the direction to the horizontal direction, so the right-angle button switch is installed horizontally. The contact is double pole double throw, and the bottom of the terminal is sealed with epoxy resin. Mainly used for computer peripherals.

The toggle switch has two operating positions: two and three. The three-position switch can also have a certain lateral position that is not positioned. At the same time, there are various connection circuits. There are many types of button handles for button switches:
Such as metal cone handles, fluorescent handles, plastic sleeve handles, lock lever handles, wave handles, paddle handles, etc., suitable for dangerous operations.

The toggle switch also has a "lift and unlock" button handle, adding springs and milling grooves at the end of the spiral nozzle. The operator must first lift the button handle and then push it to another position to ensure safe operation.


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